What is the focus of Experience the Change?

Our Focus is Transformation. We specialize in supporting individuals and organizations as they identify their strengths, both visually and verbally, and then move toward a clear purpose.

Do you offer live support?

Yes! We do offer live support as a key note speaker, individual coaching (limited), group coaching, Beauty Boot Camp, Corporate Training, etc.

What is group coaching like?

Group coaching is where a group of people come together to focus on learning based on the different courses offered by Experience the Change.

Do you offer individual or group coaching if I live outside of Arizona?

Yes! We are able to coach through the internet or on the phone.

Why would I want to take the preference test?

The Preference Identification Number that you will receive after taking the Personal Preference Test can help you to pin point the best way to visually and verbally communicate. This will allow you greater personal power as you gain clarity and are able to better understand yourself and those you work/live with.

Have more questions?

feel free to email us from our contact page